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Rony Scleien

My name is Rony Schleien, i’m from Tel Aviv, Israel.

Recently I have finished my undergraduate degree in interior design from Israel College of Management (ICA), and these days I am doing my internship at FabLabIL.

I have previous background in arts.

During my studies I've exposed to digital fabrication, parametric design, IOT, Arduino, and UX/UI design, and these have introduced me to FabLabIL, and the world wide net of FabLabs.

I did my final project on digital fabrication and parametric design, under the theme of Sharing Economy. The project leaned on the idea of self manufactured fablab - the fablab interior design will be fabricated using the machines that are an integral part of every fablab.

My internship involves digital fabrication, design and 2D and 3D modeling.

I have great interest in FabAcademy and I'm looking forward to learn and to specialize in the field.