Computer Controlled Cutting

by Dhruv Saidava


group assignment:

  • characterize your lasercutter, making test part(s) that vary cutting settings and dimensions
Individual assignment:
  • cut something on the vinylcutter
  • design, make, and document a parametric press-fit construction kit,
  • accounting for the lasercutter kerf, which can be assembled in multiple ways


Tools Used
  1. Rhino ( 2D & 3d Design)
  2. Rhino Wip ( Parametric Design)
  3. Rhino Wip ( Parametric Design) | 200 mb
  4. Cut Studio (Vinyl Cutting)

Rhino WIP (Grasshopper)
Rhino WIP ( Grasshopper) is used for design which is having co relation setup. We can design a conenction with its value so it automatically change on refrance to other. You can go through tutorial of Rhino Grasshopper.

In Mac you need to Download Rhino WIP from You need License to run.

Taking a Point and than setting connection and commands

You can set formula and its value by connecting them to one another

Now as taking ahed you can joint to diffent values and commands with refrence and connecting them to make a final output

Different tabs and slider is available in which you can put value and start making formula.

Parametric Press Fit Design by Using Grasshopper


Created a DIY Geometrical Press fit which can be used for increasing creativity in students.

Vinyl Cutting

T-shirt Printed by using Vinyl Cutted Frame layer.

Vinyl Cutter (Roland)

Process while using Vinyl Cutter

  • Loading Vinly paper roll on rollar.
  • Lift up the clamp situated at back side
  • Pass paper through it.
  • You can only cut till White marks shown on bar just above cuting blade.
  • Adjust sliding rollar to that white mark.
  • Speed and pressure adjustment can be done in machine setting.
  • Creating a file in Roland Cut Studio
  • Simply by writing Letter of proper size you can do it.
  • After setting proper size you can send as print file option to Roland
  • It will start Cutting
  • Pressure for blade should be 250 gram.

Making of T-Shirt

  • I wanted to use local language so made Maker with initial
  • Open Google get a character by Translation option
  • I selected "May" which give same out put in Hindi
  • Copy that and open a Google Slide paste and scale as big you need
  • Screen show to get a jgp format ( Cut studio does not suppot PNG)
  • Open Cut Studio, Import jpg
  • Right Click on image > Trace Outline option
  • Set outline according to your image.
  • Remove Image and set outline as required.
  • Add English Character
  • Check setting with Roland CAMM-1SERVO Vinyl Cutting
  • Set Speed and Force
  • After Vinyl Cut paste a negative part to frame
  • Seal it from corners

Some Quick Points

  • Keep MDF sheets on Plain surface , bend in sheet create probelm in cutting .
  • Test material once with small circle of 5 mm diameter so you would have perfect power , speed and frequency its helps a lot in get job done in one go and save material wasting while prototyping.
  • Few adjustment on Rhino may help you to save time in cutting. example joining line which can overlaped in design so it cut on single go.
  • Use vernier for presicion of size if you are going mount components on it.
  • Practising with design in laser cutting you can also try for saving material which can be used for other small projects later.
  • In vinyl cutting low gum tape is used but for small cuts u need to b very precise it can spoil your design.
  • Frame for T- Shirt Printing should be clean properly, moisture in frame makes airpokect and it may spoil prinitng