week 9

Mechanical Design


  • Design a machine (Mechanism + Automation) ; including the end effector.
  • Build the passive parts and operate it manually.
  • Documentation of group project and individual contribution.


weekly work

Project choice:

automated dslr rig

final project

Initial project sketch


Group Members:

  1. Ashish Tiwari
  2. Avishek Das
  3. Dhruv Saidava
  4. Gautam Prakash

trial prototype

My contribution for this project was to figuring out the mechanism in a way, it becomes most efficient with the minimal number of parts without much complexity.


In the words of great photographer Platon : "If it's necessary, it's in there. If it's not necessary, it's not there.So strip it down, simplify it. Just go... for the core."

The model and drawings were generated in Rhinoceros 5.12. Below are the parts of the model as made in the software since the inception of the project. There has been 3 iteration of the project. The first one as totally manual and the next 2 was made using CNC cut and 3D printed parts.

  The second iteration of the machine design through CAD.

  The third and final iteration of the machine design.

  Exploded view of the machine showing all the parts.

The next part was to extract and manage drawings from the 3D for CNC Machining. I had extracted the drawings from the Rhino file and exported to AutoCAD 2017.

The piece of MDF I used in the CNC week, due to bad nesting had lot of spaces free. So used that MDF to build all the prototypes from that. For that each part had to be processed separately and milled using custom origin each time in between the empty spaces.

  CNC cut parts being prepared.

The working file with the intermediate prototype version can be found here.

automated dsrl rig

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