Remote Dog Command final presentation


This is it the RremoteDogCommand. The harness is the product of all the assignments we did at the FabAcademy. Most of the skills went into this.

  • CAD
  • 3D Print
  • CNC
  • Electronic
  • Moulding and casting
  • Composites
  • Ui development

Only laser-cut didn't find its way into this project :-D. The harness is controlled by an iOS application that connects via bluetooth to the bluetooth controller on the harness. The BLE controller is the gateway for the commands that are received by the custom mage pcb with an ATmega328. This handle the electronic, turn the feeder and recognize when the reward drops from the interchangeable magazine. The power comes from a 7.2V battery pack that delivers the power for all the electronics. The feeder is driven by an geared motor that drives a 3D printed worm gear. The interchangeable magazines are hold by magnets and moulds on the main gear. Additional there are vibration motors that inside custom made 3D printed holders that are also attached to the harness.

All the mounts are mounted onto a custom made composite saddle that is made especially for my dog Amy. It is balanced so it can be worn comfortable.

Presentation video

Her new tool becomes her