About me

I am a manager with a mechanical engineering background and significant experience in the overall product-to-market process.I am currently taking a carreer break.

I lived outside of Italy from the age of six to the age of 28 (Switzerland, UK, Canada). I graduated in Mechanical Engineering at the Polytechnic Institute of Lausanne - Switzerland (1984) where I worked for two years as assistant engineer in the Department of Applied Mechanics and Construction of Machines. I got trained in Strategic and Entrepreneurial Management in 1989 at SDA Bocconi Business School in Milan and took a Project Management Certification at IPMA - International Project Management Association (2009). Besides the Fab Academy I am attending a part-time master in digital marketing and communication to improve my use of social media and related analytics.

I am passionate about technology and analytics and since I really enjoy teaching, after graduating, I took an academic job. I then began an entrepreneurial venture in the mechanical sector where I learned to use production machinery and manage a manufacturing operation. After six years, I took up the “Sales” challenge and continued specializing in the sales of machines and capital equipment. At last, I have been practicing the sourcing side of business.

I love nature and whenever I can I travel to the countryside with my wife and my kid. I am also fond of music and visual arts.

The reason why I decided to undertake this exciting project is the desire to update and enrich my knowledge on digital fabrication, coding, rapid prototyping, the maker movement, full of technological and cultural insights and innovation. I had the same desire, several years ago, when I approached Project Management to learn the whole set of behavioural, technical and contextual competences needed to undertake, not only a project, but effective business management . What best opportunity, then, for a cutting-edge, hands-on, comprehensive and short-term learning experience?

Lectures and skills upgrade

I briefly summarize the weekly lecture and detail relevant assignments, highlighting skills upgrade.

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Final project and its development

Genesis of the final project and its development, up to the final presentation.

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My Fab Academy

Snapshots of the journey.