Final Project summary slide

Project Development

To organize my final project development along the Fab Academy, I have divide the indoor aquaponics system in sub-components and work on one sub-component at a time with a spiral management approach.

Indoor garden aquaponic system anatomy

Please find below, the associated CAM/CAD files and documentation for each respective part:

  • Design and construction of the Body:
  • The Blood:
  • The Brain:
  • The Sun
  • The Ecosystem

  • Video presentation

    "Where a story ends, another begins"

    This Fab Academy project gave birth to a bigger initative:

    Aquapioneers is an open source hardware and software project, born from the combination of my final fab academy project and a Barcelona based bio-technologist. Our complementary interests and knowledge in biotechnology, urban innovation and digital fabrication, backed by a common background in engineering, converged into a multiscale Open Source Aquaponics project.

    Aquapioneers' vision is to locally promote aquaponics as a means of sustainable food production in urban areas, using Barcelona as a Living Lab and aligning itself with the Green FabLab’s commitment to sustainability and self-sufficiency. In the meantime, it also aims to provide a global open platform of R&D and education, using the power of open source tools combined with the collaborative intelligence of Fab Lab network to inspire and be inspired.

    Aquapioneers' website

  • Website: here
  • Twitter: here
  • Facebook: here
  • Youtube: here

  • "If you also want to become an Aquapioneers, drop me an email"

    guillaume (at)