About me


About Me

My name is Gregoire Durrens.

I’m an eco-Builder, an engineer and a 3d Artist.
I love to build. Building is for me the perfect balance. It makes you feel complete. It incessantly makes you go from design to matter, from bits to atoms, back and forth, all the time.

One thing appear very clear to me : if we really hope for a peaceful world, everybody must first be able to provide for their vital daily needs, stresslessly : water, food, shelter. And all of this without ruining the planet.

I decided to completely dedicate myself to solve these aspects and focus my efforts on ecological autonomous construction and sustainable technology.

I work with a company that designs and build sustainable and self-sufficient houses called Earthships. I’m developing with them the Fabship project. A FabLab in an Earthship.


Attending the FabAcademy is a crucial step in this project.

On a more personal note, during the past years, sustainable construction has made me move a lot around the world. That’s great and I enjoy it. I’m also ready to settle down and grow some roots somewhere with other mates. I hope you’ll be able to visit us in a couple of years in an ecovillage, maybe in the south west of France, where I'm from, with cute little off-the-grid houses and a self sufficient fablab around :) .

Otherwise, I like to play the cajón and run in the forest (mainly at night).



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