Hi everyone! I am Rashid Thattayil , welcome to my experience during the Fab Academy 2016 at Fab Lab Kerala , India

I am a passionate designer and hardware developer I would like to explore new technologies, how they works and how to modify them to eliminate their limitations. I did my graduation in Electrical and Communication Engineering from calicut university .

I have 3+ year experience in UI/UX design, Co-founder of a startup. Part of Microsoft community, hackster etc
I have attended the pre academy course (my pre academy site) taken by Francisco Sanchez and Luciano Betoldi , this is help me to learned all the machines in a fab lab


Wearable PC Remote

My final project is a bracelet( wrisplay ) . wrisplay is a bracelet designed such a way that to make people cozy for simple but prickling tasks like slide transition, play, and pause system control etc. A bracelet that will fit your wrist makes you relax and do the job. This is interfaced to the system via Bluetooth and can control the system within the 10-meter range

Weekly Assignments