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Hi, I am Nisha Elsa Johnson. Welcome to my website... I am a fresh graduate in Electrical and Electronics Engineering and also a creative being. Few months ago, I came to know about the two fab labs that were set in kerala (Cochin and Trivandrum). My curious mind was naturally drawn into the maker community here. I attended the pre-fab academy workshop conducted by Fransisco Sanchez and Luciano Betoldi at fablab trivandrum. I liked the whole idea of sharing knowledge and using the fablab to create something resourceful to oneself and to the community.

That's why I'm here, to broaden my knowledge, fuel up my curiosity to learn, experiment. Later on help the community by sharing what I have learnt and become a problem solver. At present, I'm induced into the Technology Innovation Fellowship Program provided by Kerala Start-Up Mission. Digital fabrication is quite interesting, and I'm looking forward to doing several projects.