Fab Academy 2016

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Computer-aided design

During this week we are asked for doing a 2D and 3D model.
I used photoshop to create a vector drawing for the logo of my project.
The photoshop interface is:

  • The welcome screen is useless for me so I have “Show dialog box at startup” deselected. When I open photoshop I want to get straight to work.
  • The menu bar is organized into specific categories of tasks.
  • The option’s bar contains options for the specific tool we have selected in the toolbar.
  • The Toolbar contains the tools we can use in photoshop and additional features including foreground and background, and viewing modes:
    • Selection, Crop and Slice tools.
    • Retouch Tools
    • Vector drawing and Paint tools
    • Annotation and Measurements
    • Foreground and Background
    • Standard/QuickMask mode
    • Screen view modes
    • Edit in imageready.
  • The palettes allow us to modify and monitor what we are working on. The Navigator Palette used for navigating large images or navigating images when zoomed in. The Color Palette allows us to select foreground and background colors. While we can also do this within the toolbar this palette offer’s greater options. The History Palette allows us to reverse changes we have made to our image. It contains a list that is constantly updated of changes made inside the document. The Layers Palette allow you to work on a single canvas. Allowing some things to appear above and below others.
  • The Document Window contains the image we are working on.
I have created three layers:
1 background
2 text
3 image
so I can edit a single layer independently of the others.
The logo is very simple for graphics, but for printing on wood did not want to make things too complex.

3D Modeling
For modelling a table touck screen in 3D I have used two softwares Autocad and Blender.

I know Autocad for my job but I don't have draw in 3D only 2D for architectural plans so this week I wanted to design the final poject using 3D modeling in Autocad. Autocad is a very complex software, but allows you to have many options to model the designs in 3D. I realized a prototype of the final project from two basic forms a cube and an inclined plane, composing them with the UNION command creates the form of tuch screen.

Autocad is the best software for mechanical desing and modelling of mechanical parts but is not great for 3D modelling.

I wanted to use Blender because it did not know and I wanted to learn a different software.
Blender is an open source software very interesting but the interface is very complicated for a beginner like me.

In order to draw my final project I started imagining a television on a inclined plane. After I built accommodation that will have to hold the projector and computer to recognize the movement of the hand.