Mechanical and Machine Design


Last updated: 13/04/2016

1.Make a machine, including the end effector, build the passive parts and operate it manually;
2.Automate your machine. Document the group project and your individual contribution.

Learning outcomes
1.Work and communicate effectively in a team and independently;
2.Design, plan and build a system;
3.Analyse and solve technical problems;
4.Recognise opportunities for improvements in the design;

Have I...
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This page refers to the group project of myself, Luca Rabazzi and Flavio Lampus. During week 9 and week 10 we built and semi-automated a machine that can engrave basic shapes into candels, through the tip of a soldering iron.
G00 X6000.00
G00 X6000.00 is a machine that decorates candles. The webpage containing the full group documentation can be found at the link below.

Group Project Page

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A vimeo clip can be found below.

My contribution
On this project I mainly focused on the mechanical design aspects, with the help and tips of my project mates. I made a summary of my work, taken from the group page. First thing that I did was to build a rough 3D model in Rhino, as shown in the left picture below. Starting from there, I quickly prototyped a physical model with the ShopBot in order to get a feeling for the size and the structural strenght of the model.

The mechanic design was made in Solidworks. The full-rendering below shows the main components that had to be manifactured.

I manufactured the wooden structure milling a 18mm OSB wood with the Shopbot. I printed the mechanical parts using the Ultimaker 2 with PLA filament. The result and some details are shown below. In particular, I am happy with the solution I did find for the Y-axis, as I did not have enough space for fitting a belt driven mechanism.

Given that it has been one of the most stressful weeks ever in my life, I am super satisfied with the final result we achieved. Even though we started working as a whole group, the division of the workload was eventually necessary. It helped, even though we all ended up working for a week within our own comfort-zone area. Overall it was just a lovely project that I consider successful with its cumbersome faucets!