I am an interdisciplinary architect with a former education in design and engineering.

Since the early studies as an architecture student I undertook several experimentations in the field of engineering, statics, physics and mathematical studies. It is just during the Fablab experience that I focused my attention on robotic automation and its infinite possibilities.

Furthermore my interest in robotic automation brought me to create new connections in between the open source world and professional automation realities such as Comau. In fact, in february 2015, according to my interest I have been part in the development of a collaboration with Comau, Fablab Torino, Co-de-iT and Arduino that brought a robotic arm inside Fablab spaces; such a collaboration lead to the creation of a cluster of professionals, where the purpose defined was to probe new landscapes of experimentation, the name of the group is DigiFabTuring.


Here I will store and document all the module of the Fabacademy



For my final project I would like to develop a big plastic pellet extruder, to use it with the 6 axis robot arm. This project will allow our research about robotic 3D printing to experiment with a large range of materils, personalized mix of plastic and recycled plastic.