Week 17 - Applications and Implications

What will it do?

DA Lamp is a documentation assistant robotic lamp.

By the side of desks or work tables, it is able to move automatically and help people record every details of your projects while they are focusing on their work. Connecting to project-based version control system (VCS), it could take every snapshots in the process of building hardware and software such as commits in Git.

Who's done what beforehand?

Robotic lamp

Documentation assistant


What materials and components will be required?

Where will they come from?

For electronic components, I can get most of them from local stores in Guang Hua Digital Plaza in Taipei but Attiny44A from DigiKey. For plywood, screws and nuts, they could also be found in Taipei. But I have to buy servo motors from internet.

How much will it cost?

What parts and systems will be made?


Software and Firmware

What processes will be used?

What tasks need to be completed?

What questions need to be answered?

What is the schedule?

I am going to design and make hardware in two weeks, and then program and test software and firmware in two weeks.

How will it be evaluated?

For every Fab Labs or makerspaces, people who would love to share their knowledge could use DA Lamp to easily record and make the documentation of their projects. They could even cooperate with people from local space to the world.

DA Lamp would make the hareware development more progressive.