Cushion of a chair

This week,I want to composite a cushion.But our CNC Machine was broken,so we have to go to another fablab in a another city to finish our works Q^Q

Design a 3D model

I use fusion 360 to design,the model has depth lines,because I afraid there is no effect with light lines.

Out put as STL.


The CNC Machine in this lab is Victor CNC Engraver VR1212B
First,we need software called “Type3”,a leading developer of artistic CAD/CAM software solutions for industrial engraving and 3D jewelry design

Then,Input the stl and select top view.

Choose CAM Module on the toolbar -> Create a new tool path - Embossment automatic engrave

Select the tool we used.

Choose Machine Setting - set the original point and end point according to the thickness of the materials we cut, we use 25mm plank
Speeds and Feeds:

  • Chip load: ~ 0.001-0.010” = feed rate (inches per minute) / (RPM x number of flutes)
  • Cut depth: ~ tool diameter
  • Step-over: ~ tool diameter/2

Than we use a software,called “VicPCI”,it will help us to cut according to our files.

Milling the Wood

It looks like the Big mah-jong


We don’t have a spray wax and have enough time in other city to buy a spray wax,so we put a layer of thin plastic wrap as a protection of my 3D mould

Mix the Compound A(Epoxy) and Compound B(Hardener) in the proportion of 1:1.

Cut burlap into pieces,and mix with the mixture,than put it evenly on the face of the mould

Use vaccum to suck out the air.

On the next day,open the vaccum bag,take off the composition.

Now,you can sit on it.

Ah,I find another usage!

Thanks for the help of Jay Mok and Prof. Hu from FablabXH to let us using the CNC machine in the lab.

File Download


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

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