Electronics Design

Redraw the echo hello-world board

  1. Add (at least) a button and LED (with current-limiting resistor)
  2. Check the design rules, and make it
  3. Extra credit: simulate its operation


This week,I try to redraw a PCB board base on hello-world board.I will add a button and LED,and hope to control the LED by button in future.I see most of people use Eagle PCB Design Software, so I use the software too,and there is a wonderful library about the devices,call Fab.lbr

1 Download Eagle

You can download software from here Eagle,but I use the old version.

2 Download Fab.lbr

You can download Library from here Fab.lbr.


3 Use the Fab.lbr



4 Sketch the Schematic

The Schematic is base on Tiago Figueiredo
He add a button,a led and a resistor for LED.The resistor is a passive two-terminal electrical component,it used to reduce current flow,and prevent the LED ruin.


5 Finish the PCB


6 Save as png.

At First,I output with 150 dpi,and it looks awful.

61.png 62.png

At I compare the other board,I find my output dpi is to low,so I change it to 2000dpi.


Now,it looks better!


7 Use FabMoulde and mill the board.


8 Assembly the board


Download my Hello World board (Eagle Files)

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

  1. 1. Electronics Design
  • Introduction
  • 1 Download Eagle
  • 2 Download Fab.lbr
  • 3 Use the Fab.lbr
  • 4 Sketch the Schematic
  • 5 Finish the PCB
  • 6 Save as png.
  • 7 Use FabMoulde and mill the board.
  • 8 Assembly the board
  • ,