Oscar E. Hernández López

Electrical- Mechanical and Electronic Engineer

Fablab Kids Puebla Director


e-mail: oscar.hernandez.lopez@gmail.com

Tel. +52 2222 304 388


         ABOUT ME






My name is Oscar Ernesto Hernández López. I was born, grew up and live in Puebla, Mexico.


I studied Industrial Engineering in Electricity at Puebla Regional Institute of Technology  where I studied also the specialty in Mechanical Engineering. I attended the Special Section in Electronic Engineering at the ENSEEHIT of Toulouse, France. I graduated from Master in Higher Education at the University Iberoamericana Puebla. I got the Specialized Graduate Diploma (DESS) at University of Paris II (Sorbonne) and I have a PhD in Education of Autonomous University of Morelos in Mexico.


I am pensioner and currently work as a teacher in graduate education in various universities in the region and I am project manager of FabLab Kids Puebla. I am the Director of Institute for knowledge innovation and technology in Mexico