Week 17 - Applications and Implications

Propose a final project that integrates the range of units covered.

Final Project

My final project will be a smart move facade depending on the amount of solar radiation.

I do not know if I can do so very complicated, so my intention is to do it in two steps.
One: a simple facade, held by a mast, to move in a shaft.
Two: If successful step one: create a network of skins that move at a time.

My first idea is to build latex skin, but if it fails, I use a fabric.

what will it do?

The intelligent front will move depending on solar radiation.

who's done what be forehand?

Home automation exists, but I have never seen built with latex

what materials and components will be required?

-Latex to make the skin

-Stepper motor to move them (I have 8)


-A board that moves them (fabduino board maybe)

-Light sensor

-cables to conect the pins of the entire circuit

-at least 1 FTDI cable to read the sensor

-at least 9v chargers or batteries

- a heavy MDF base

-a program to move all (arduino, processing)

where will they come from?

-The skin will be made with latex but if it does not work I will use a buyed fabric

-The base will be made by milled MDF.

-The steppers, the spindles and the chargers/bateries will be buy.

-The spindle holder will be made in 3d printer

The boards are already made by myself during the Fab Academy course.

The cables are reused from Fab Lab Academy course.

how much will it cost?

I have bought second hand 8 stepper nema 17 bipolar for 40€. I will reuse some spindle of the fablab and the latex is material from the fablab too. he rest of the pieces do with leftover material FabLab. I think the total does not exceed 100€

what parts and systems will be made?

Almost everything except motors and spindles and pcb components

what processes will be used?

3D printing (splindle holder and substructure bars and unions), laser cutting (skin), CNC milling (boards), soldering (the circuits) and programming (the movement).

what tasks need to be completed?

I need to rebuild everything. If it works I will make a more complicated model.

what questions need to be answered?

I need to learn how to move 8 motors each time with a single sensor. Maybe it's nicer one sensor for skin, but I think less is more.

I decided to start with a single motor model.

what is the schedule?

This week I want to design the simple model, the boards and program them. Next step will be make the complicated model.

0.final project design

1.skin with latex

2. structure with 3d printing


4.program them

how will it be evaluated?

If I can make the first step with the simple model I will be happy with this, but I would like to make the complicated one. I know that with my knowledge it will be very complicated but I think that I can do it!