LESSON TEME: Interface and Application Programming

  Figure [1] shows a data viewer application for three axis accelerometer developed by "Processing".

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[1] Data Viewer Application for XYZ accelerometer

PROTOTYPING: Accelerometer Data Viewer Application

  In this week, as a prototyping, I tried to impliment an data viewer application for a 3 axis accelerometer on an Arduino. The accelerometer tells thier acceleration values on X, Y and Z axis to the Arduino. The Arduino calculate its angles of the 3 axis and send the calculation results to a laptop computer via Serial Communication. The data viewer softwear made by Processing obitains the values via Serial Communication and makes three plots graphs according to x, y and z.

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[2] Accelerometer Wiring Setup
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[3] Showing Accelerometer Data by Using "Processing"

Sound Sensor Data Viewer Application

  I tried to develop an input data viewer from a sound sensor by using Processing. The wiring overview is in Figure[4]. The electronic board was reused in week 11 and almoset same wiring setups to week11 except the resister between the input PA2 and AO on the Sound Sensor Module[5]. I added the resister to control the values. The values are sent to my laptop PC. Sound Sensor Data Viewer was developed by Processing. The viewer get the values via Serial Communication. By using the obtained values, the viewer draws lines. Figure [5] is a captured image in which the viwer draw several lines and made the Graph[5]. The result is shown in Video [6].

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[4] Sound Sensor Wiring Setup
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[5] Showing Sound Input Data by Using "Processing"
[6] Sound Sensor Module and Data Viewer

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