LESSON TEME: Output Devices

  Video [1] shows an appearace to control servo moter by using my original electronic board.

[1] Servo Moter Control

Servo Moter Control

  In this week, I tried to control a servo moter by an AVR micro computer [2]. The electronic board with the micro computer was designed in previous assignment. I wrote a programming code for PWM control for the servo moter. The PWM a kind of pseudo PWM representing by software code. A servo motor rotate its axis according to the Pulse Width of ON and OFF. This cycle is called Duty Cycle. The ratio of ON and OFF is called Duty ratio. The ratio influences an angle to rotate the axis centered in a servo motor. The program code of Figure [3] shows the rotation method. Video [1] is the result of my programming code.

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[2] Overwhole Image of Machine
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[3] Programming Code to Rotate a Servo Moter

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