Hi. I'm Riyas P.K

And this is my Fab academy page,where i will share my fab journey.I am from Kochi,'Queen of the Arabian Sea'.I have completed my B.Tech degree in mechanical engineering.I love technology,and always keep up with it.But I lack experience with it physically,so when I heard about Fab Academy I knew it was my best opportunity.Thus here i am at fablab kochi hoping to utilize it properly.

Learn about my project

My final project.



Here’s the weekly assignments.

Week 1

Principles and practices,Project management

Week 2

Computer-aided design                                       

Week 3

Computer-controlled cutting                        

Week 4

Electronics production

Week 5

3D scanning and printing

Week 7

Computer-controlled machining

Week 9

Mechanical design, Machine design

Week 15

Networking and communications

Week 16

Interface and application programming                       

Week 17

Applications and implications                       

Week 18

Invention, Intellectual property, and Income

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