Scanning Software

I am going to look at several different scanning software options:
  • Skanect
  • 123D Catch
  • Skanect

    Skanect uses a kinect sensor to make 3D scans.
    Setup: Choose the option of the sizing box.

    Scan: Walk/Move the scanner slowly around the object.

    Process: The scanner will pick up many objects you do not want. Remove all objects not within a minimum size. Crop the image. I also like to fill in the holes.

    Share: Choose STL file.

    123D Catch

    123D Catch takes images from a camera and reconstructs it into a 3D image. My first attempt was unsuccessful, probably because I did not take enough pictures or the light was not good enough. It was very easy to do. I downloaded the app on my phone. I took pictures on all sides of the object. I hit process on the software. Using the phone was more convenient than using the kinect but not as good quality wise.