SVG Files for cubby. PDF file

SVG File for Vinyl Cutter SVG file

Creating a Vinyl Sticker is easy.

Two Options
  • 1. Print with the Roland Software
  • 2. Print with FabModules
  • The Roland Software can be opened. An image imported and resized. If your image is an SVG you cut hit Cutting and Print to run it.
    If your image is a Raster image, you will need to extract Contour lines before running.
    The vinyl sticker was removed, weeded and then transferred using transfer tape.

    FabModules can also do this. Choose file type. Choose output Roland.
    Choose Process. Choose Send.
    Create a Vinyl Sticker

    Laser Cutter Basics

    1.) Number 1 rule: Do not leave the laser unattended while in operation.
    2.) Make sure the air handler is turned on. 3.) The laser cutter takes SVG files. Those files can be sent from CorelDraw or from a PDF. (I found that for creating files PDF have been great for vector files.) 4.) Select a Material. Place the material in the laser bed.
    You will select the Material from the Database in Universal software. You can change the speed and frequency of the laser or accept the settings from the database.
    5.)You can use the focus icon to position the laser. This is useful for determining where the laser position is relative to your drawing. Make sure the material is large enough and properly positioned.
    6.) If the material is light(such as paper or sometimes cardboard) taping it down is a good idea.
    7.) Press the Green Button on the computer program or on the laser cutter when ready. Pay attention to the machine.
    8.) Be aware of common errors. Too high laser strength can cause a fire. Too slow of a laser can cause a fire.