Create a plan for dissemination of your project.

I see my project as having little commercial value. Its may purpose will be educational. As an example to give other ideas.

I liked looking at the projects from the ShopBot week form It would be cool to have a similiar database of projects anyone can make in a fablab for personal or commerical use.

Most of my work has thus far been 2D and 3D models for physical prototypes(as opposed to software.)

I found the lecture to be interesting in reference to patents. None of my work to date do I feel is worth the trouble of defending, so a patent does not seem to be a good idea.

A great place to look for choosing a license is:
  • Creative Commons
  • The licenses that I have been most aware of for physical prototypes has been from sites like Thingiverse. The Creative Commons license is very common. There are many variations.
  • Choose a License
  • My final project and my previous work should be freely available. I want other labs to benefit, if they like my work. I feel others should be able to make modifications to my work as long as they attribute some work back to my work. The best options for me is: CC BY

  • Attibutes:
  • Creative Commons
  • Choose a License