The Final Project

Final Project


What's to be done?

Vending Machine for Tools

Reason: Part of the difficulty in managing a FabLab is storage and inentory management. It may take a few iterations to come up with a good solution, but I am going to start.



  • Here is one commercial product.
  • Here is another commercial product.
  • I like how simple a Tile and Tile App work.
  • Identify whether a tool is present or not.

    RFID seems to be the most common.

    I could just put a sensor on the shelf to detect whether a tool is present.
    Possiblities:light sensor, capacitance sensor, proximity/ir

  • Identify who has the tool.

    RFID badges.
    Photo Checkout.

  • Store the tools./li>
  • Price Breakdown
    Wood Case(plywood) ~ $10
    Metal Panel ~ $5
    Buttons(x10) ~ $15
    Molding Supplies ~$25
    Composite Supplies ~$30
    Electrical Components ~$6 per sensor
    Electical Components ~$5 hub
    where do parts come from? Obvious answer is the lab.
    Wood - 1/4" wood form specialty wood store
    Metal - Home Depot
    Button - Digikey or Ebay
    Composties - Entropy Resins and Fabric Store
    Electrical Components - Digikey

    What parts are to be made? The main goal is a center shelf. A place to hold tools. Sensors. WebApps
    What tasks need to be completed?
    Design Electronics. Mill Boards. Progam Boards. Get Boards to talk Build Shelf. Build Frame. Add the bells and whistles.
    3 weeks until projects are due!

    Evaluation? I am not sure. I just need to complete!