• Build a website
  • Learn to use Git
  • Document this work.

  • Building a website

    I have used several of the editors before. For most of this work, I will be using WebStorm as an HTML IDE.
    I will use nano to edit files.

    My preference is to write the code by hand. Tagging and grouping elements and then formatting afterwards to improve performance.

    Update: Throughout the class, I ended up using many editors/tools to develop with.
  • I edited gcode using Brackets.
  • I used OfficeLibre to create graphics.
  • To improve the layout off my final project documentation, I used Bootstrap.

  • I have previous experience with VIM, emacs,Javascript and JQuery.

    Using Git

  • I have used GitHub Before.
  • I am new to GitLab but I understand that for our purpose the process will be the same.
  • Important elements of using GIT

  • You can clone a repository:git clone repository-name
  • You can add a file to your work: git add all-files-to-be-staged
    I normally use git add *
  • You can commit your work: git commit -m 'some message'
  • You can upload to the originally repository:git push

  • These are the basics I need week in and week out. However, there is more to know. When you update the repository from two different locations, when the work is combined to the central repository, you will have to merge the two different versions together.

    The beauty of using GIT is that I get to work on my project from my own computer. I develop the pages and then when I am ready to make them public, I go through the easy process--
  • git add this-file
  • git commit -m 'update this week'
  • git push>