Inkscape Tutorial

This purpose of this tutorial is to show how to use Inkscape to make a simple object(keychain/luggage tag/etc.)

Step 1-Change Document Type

Under the file menu, select Document Properties.

Step 2-Change Page Size

The page size can be changed to accomodate the size of your object. Go ahead and change the size of the page so that it matches up to the size of the laser(24" width, 18" height). Then change the units to your preferred units(cm, in, etc.).

Step 3 Locate Shape Tools

There are many items to select from to draw shapes. Locate the shape tools and the drawing tools in the left menu. Select the oval, rectangle or special shape tool. Practice Drawing.

Step 4 Locate Width and Height Parameters

With a shape selected, locate the size in the top menu. Notice that you can change the units. The size width and height can be found in the top menu. If the lock icon is closed, the width will scale with height and vice versa. If the lock icon is open, the width and height can be changed independently.

Step 6 Change the Polygon Number

After selecting the special shape drawing tool(the star), you have the option to choose beween a star shape or a polygon. The number to the side lets you choose the number of points of the star or the sides of the polygon. Draw a shape.

Step 7 Change Color

After drawing a shape, the color of the shape can be changed by selecting the bottom left color. This brings up a menu on the right. That menu lets you change the fill color as well as the outline color of a line. In this example, a circle is drawn. The fill color is removed and the outline is in red. A star is drawn. The fill color is dark grey. Text is added using the text tool in the left menu.

Step 8 Enjoy!

The final shape can be figured out with a little play. For the laser, thin red lines mean cut. Any line you want to be cut should be red and as thin as possible. The rest of the colors represent the intensity of the laser(At first, everything the laser considers is basically on a grayscale, dark colors are high intensity, light colors are lowe intensity).