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Hi, Im from Cusco Peru and Im at Fab Academy to enjoy and learn.

I have worked for more than 20 years for big companies maintaining and developing business software. Now looking for creative (and brain`s right side) activities.


Communities around the word lacks a safe source of drinking water. Access to safe water supplies in some countries is very low.

Research in technology that helps to obtain water from other resources is strongly needed.

Water from the air is a proposal to be explored, researched and become an alternative for lack of Water.

There are project like Warka Water, that needs of technology that helps in instalation process.

Measure temperature and humidity of the air and determine the dew point, and show when and how that point is reached.

So, depending on the specific conditions of a place, and monitoring how long is the dew point reached, we can determinate if that place is adecuated for install some fog catchers.

It will help to determine the place where to install the fog catcher meshes. Here I Peru there are some projects that puts big meshes in some knolls, where the fog is intense (heavy).




Serves to harvest water drops from fog. In our desert areas like in the coast there is a lack of water and rain, but there is a lot of fog occurrence, mainly in the top of hills or at high places.


Is the temperature at which a given concentration of water vapor in air will form dew. More specifically it is a measure of atmospheric moisture.


Place the information minute to minute in an open data plattform for the Internet of Things