Romain Di Vozzo / Curriculum Vitae


Personal page


| Master SPEAP / Sciences-Po Paris | Arts and Politics |
| Fab Academy Diploma / AS220-Providence RI | Digital Fabrication |
| Bio Academy Diploma (incomplete) / Fablab Digiscope + Institut for Plant Sciences | Synthetic Biology |

Languages :

| Written and Spoken: French (native) | English (fluent) | Spanish (fluent) |+| Notions in : Italian | Portuguese | Catalan |

Current Activities in 2017:

| Research and Development Engineer | INRIA (Level 2) | AVIZ Team |
| Fablab Governance Board-Member |
| Fab Economy Crew Member |
| Fab Academy Supply chain Communications and Quotes|
| Fablab Guru (what ever it means) |
| Fablab Manager | Fablab Digiscope |
| Fablab Super Node |
| Fab Academy Instructor |
| Fab Academy Global Evaluation Reviewer | Fab Foundation |
| Bio Academy Instructor |
| Bio Academy Staff |
| Digital Fabrication Faculty |
| Consultant (fablabs) |
| Project Coordinator |
| Community Manager |
| Local Community Support | Ultimaker |
| Digital Designer |
| Documentation Guru |
| Artist (arts and politics) | ArtForArtists

Computing skills (Mac + a bit of linux) :

| Version Control System : Git with GitLab |
| Web : HTML5 (basics) with Sublime |
| 3D modeling : 123D Design, Meshlab, Netfabb, Fusion 360 |
| 3D printing : Cura (expert) |
| 2D design : Corel Draw6, Adobe Photoshop CS6, Adobe Illustrator CS6, Inkscape, Gimp |
| Video editing : Adobe After Effects CS6, Adobe Premiere CS6 |
| Arduino : Arduino (basics) + sensors (light, pression, co2, temperature, etc.) |
| Printed Circuit Board Design : Eagle (basics) |
| Terminal mac/ Unix commands (basics) |
| Fritzing (open data sharing for electronics) |
| Notions of: caDNAno, Rosetta Commons, CobraPy |

Digital fabrication tools I run:

| Epilog Laser Cutter |
| Ultimaker 3D Printer (Original/Ultimaker2+/Ultimaker 3) |
| KNK Max Air Vinyl Cutter |
| Roland Modela MDX40-A |
| Notions on Shopbot and on X-Carve (soon) |


2017 (France)

_Talks. Fablab, Usine Personnelle, Fab Factory, Impression 3D. JDEV. CNRS, France.
_Workshop. How to start a Fablab. Colloque Pédagogie, Neurosciences et Numérique. Cachan, France.
_Teaching. Fab Academy 2016 Instructor (distributed education program in digital fabrication). January 2016 to July 2016. Pr Neil Gershenfeld (CBA/MIT). Fablab Digiscope. Gif-sur-Yvette, France.

2016 (France)

_Art. Building a mammalian cells incubator. Anne Stenne, Pierre Huyghe Studio. Palais de Tokyo, Paris, France.
_Teaching. Bio Academy 2016 Instructor (distributed education program in synthetic biology). August 2016 to December 2016. Pr Georges Church (Harvard). Fablab Digiscope. Gif-sur-Yvette, France.
_Workshop. Documentation Formats and Technics Towards Fablab 2.0. Fab12. Sherraton Hotel, Shenzhen, China.
_Jury. Fab Academy Global Evaluation Reviewer. Luciana Asinari. Fab Foundation.
_Conference. Fablab et Recherche. Ecole Nationale Supérieure de la Photographie. Yannick Vernet. Mai 2016. Arles, France.
_Study. Software Carpentry. Loic Esteve. Proto204. Bures-sur-yvette, France.
_Conference. Qu'est-ce qu'un fablab ? Ecole Interdisciplinaire Université Paris-Saclay (EIDI). Du 04 au 08 avril 2016. Verrières le Buisson, France.
_Training. February 2016. Ultimaker B.V. Head Quarter. Geldermalsen, The Netherlands.
_Study. Avancées en biologie des systèmes et de synthèse. Francois Képès. Evry, France.
_Teaching. Fab Academy 2016 Instructor (distributed education program in digital fabrication). January 2016 to July 2016. Pr Neil Gershenfeld (CBA/MIT). Fablab Digiscope. Gif-sur-Yvette, France.
_Work (continuous position/3rd year). Research engineer/fablab Manager. AVIZ team. (INRIA) + Fablab Digiscope + Université Paris Saclay. Gif-sur-Yvette, France.

2015 (France)

_Teaching. Digital Fabrication (8 weeks). HCID Master. With Michel Beaudoin-Lafon and Joseph Malloch. Fablab Digiscope/Université-Paris-Sud. Gif-sur-Yvette, France.
_Study. How To Grow Almost Anything (distributed education program in synthetic biology). August 2015 to December 2015. Pr Georges Church (Harvard). Fablab Digiscope. Gif-sur-Yvette, France.
_Event organizer. Richard Stallman. Conference on Free Software and Free Hardware Design. Digiteo Labs. Supélec. Gif-sur-Yvette, France.
_Conference. How to create a fablab ? Nizar Kerkeni/CLIBRE. 220 peoples. Institut Supérieur des Etudes Techniques de Sousse. Sousse, Tunisia.
_Workshop. Projects Documentation Formatting. Fab11. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Cambridge MA, USA.
_Study. Shopbot Tools training. Sallye Coyle. Shopbot Headquarter. Durham NC, USA.
_Work. Local Community support. 3D Printshow2015. Fablab Digiscope and Ultimaker B.V. Palacio de las Cibeles. Madrid, Spain.
_Jury. Fablab projects evaluation. Master Innovation Technologique & Entrepreneuriat. Ecole Polytechnique. Sihem Jouini/Bruno Martinaud. Orsay, France.
_Teaching. Open Innovation Week Lebanon. World Bank + AltCity + Lebanese Ministry of Telecommunication. Beirut, Lebanon.
_Study. Arduino Tour Paris. With Massimo Banzi. ENSCI and le Fabshop. Paris, France.
_Publication*. Bertin diy matrix Design. With Charles Perin and Mathieu Le Goc. Fablab Digiscope. Gif- sur-Yvette, France.
_Work (continuous position/2nd year). Research engineer/fablab Manager. AVIZ team. (INRIA) + Fablab Digiscope + Université Paris Sud. Gif-sur-Yvette, France.

2014 (France)

_Art Exhibition. Audio editing. Colette. With L.Alexis. Radio22 Tout-Monde. Le QG du 116/Espace Khiasma. Montreuil, France.
_Work. Local community Support. 3D Printshow2014. Fablab Digiscope/Ultimaker B.V. Carrousel du Louvre. Paris, France.
_Teaching. Digital Fabrication and Design Thinking (8 weeks). HCID Master. With L.Oehlberg. Fablab Digiscope, Université-Paris-Sud. Gif-sur-Yvette, France.
_Work. Local community Support. Maker Faire Rome. For Fablab Digiscope/Ultimaker B.V. Parco della Musica. Rome, Italy.
_Work. Local community Support. For Fablab Digiscope/Ultimaker B.V. FAB10, DissenyHub. Barcelona, Spain.
_Talk. Lift the FING. Proto204. With la FING. Bures-sur-Yvette, France.
_Publication*. Digital fabrication of open-source Froebel Gift. S.Huron/M.Le Goc/J.Boy/JD.Fekete. Gaité Lyrique. Paris, France.
_Talk. Made with Makers. Futur En Seine. Proto204. Bures-sur-Yvette, France.
_Art Exhibition. Audio recording + editing. La voix est libre. Radio22 Tout-Monde. Le QG du 116/Espace Khiasma. Montreuil, France.
_Work. Local community support. With MakerShop for Ultimaker B.V. Maker Faire Paris. Le 104. Paris France.
_Jury. Appel à projet Art-Sciences International. Diagonale Paris-Saclay. Gif-sur-Yvette, France.
_Art Exhibition. Collective public performance (vocal). Sartori. A.Recalde Miranda. Le QG du 116, Montreuil, France.
_Work (continuous position/1st year). Research engineer/fablab Manager. AVIZ team. (INRIA) + Fablab Digiscope + Université Paris Saclay. Gif-sur-Yvette, France.

2013 (France)

_Work. Local Community support. 3D Printshow2013. Ultimaker. Carrousel du Louvre. Paris, France.
_Work. Video making + show managment. Master SPEAP. Valérie Pihet. Sciences Po Paris, France.
_Work. Consulting. Building a fablab. Quatorze (architects). Montreuil, France.
_Artist Residency (group). Le QG (in process). Marlène Rigler. Le 116, Montreuil, France.
_Work. Video making + video editing. Jean-Pierre Seyvos. TAP, Poitiers, France.
_Work. Video making + video editing. Bruno Latour. AIME. Medialab Sciences Po Paris.
_Work. Video making + video editing. Dominique Boullier. FORCCAST. Medialab Sciences Po Paris.
_Work. 3D printing demo. Le Fabshop. Espace P.Cardin/Cetelem. Paris, France.
_Publication (collective). Mouvement n°70. The Bells Angels/speap. Journal Clandestin. Paris, France.

2012 (USA + France)

_Studies. Experimental Master in Arts and Politics SPEAP. Sciences Po Paris, France.
_Work. 1 mission as a fundraising team manager for Greenpeace. France.
_Studies. FAB ACADEMY DIPLOMA. Pr Neil Gershenfeld (MIT). Providence, RI, USA (6 months).
_Artist Residency (solo). AS220. Providence RI, USA (7 months).

2011 (France)

_Work. 5 mission as a fundraising team manager for Greenpeace. France (7 months).
_Art Exhibition. SCINEMA 2011 (Australian Science Week / 120 projections). Australia.
_Art Exhibition. Museum of Pocket Art. curated by Grand Detour. Portland, USA at Champion Art Gallery. Austin, USA.
_Art Exhibition. LOOP ART FAIR. Curated by Patricia Ciriani. Barcelona, Spain.
_Art Projection. MIT 7th European Short Film Festival. Cambridge, USA.

2010 (France)

_Art Exhibition. Instructions for Initial Conditions. Drift Station Gallery. Lincoln, USA.
_Art Exhibition. Show Room Docks Design. Bordeaux, France.
_Art Exhibition. Krack Project (monumental public art installation). Selection for Art & Biodiversité >, Paris, France. Collaboration with la World Wide Foundation (WWF) and C.O.A.L.
_Publication. Le Katalog de l’Intelligence Humaine n°3. Paris-London-Bordeaux-Istambul.
_Art Exhibition. Selection for Art Bin. South London Gallery. London, Angleterre.

2009 (France)

_Art Exhibition. Sculpture en Ville. (Krack Project, monumental public art installation), Bordeaux, France.

2008 (France)

_Grant. DRAC Aquitaine. Bordeaux, France.
_Art Exhibition. Lieux Possibles. curated by Bruit du Frigo, Bordeaux, France.
_Art Exhibition. Causes/Consequences (solo show). Librairie Mollat, Bordeaux, France.

2005 (Argentina)

_Art Exhibition. Pasto (solo exhibition), Alliance française. Buenos Aires, Argentina.
_Art Exhibition. Patagonia Otra (Seminar, Workshop, public intervention, drawings exhibition), collaboration with Grupo CRTrw (architects). Universidad de Trelew/Patagonia, Argentina.

2004-2006 (France)

_Work. 12 mission as a fundraising team manager for Greenpeace. France.

2002-2003 (Spain)

_Art Exhibition. Paintings (solo show), Taller Galeria. Barcelona, Spain.

1999 – 2000 (France)

_Studies. Art History. Université Bordeaux III.

1994 - 1998 (France)

_Studies. Baccalauréat Visual Arts and Art History. Evreux, France.


First art paintings

1978 (France)

_Birth in Aubervilliers, France.

Details on SPEAP Master - By Bruno Latour (Sciences-Po Paris) and Valerie Pihet:

List of Seminars from the Experimental Master in Arts and Politics (SPEAP) at Sciences Po Paris :

SPEAP's Supervisory Committee was composed of : Bruno Latour, Valerie Pihet, Émilie Hermant, Sébastien Thiéry, Jean-Michel Frodon, Antoine Hennion.

1 - "Histoire du Pragmatisme" par Bruno Latour, sociologue, anthropologue, philosophe des sciences directeur scientifique de Sciences Po.
2 - "Qu'est-ce qu'un public ?" par Bruno Latour.
3 - "Épistémologie française" par Antoine Hennion, Sociologue, professeur des Mines Paris- Tech et Centre de l'Innovation Sociologique.
4 - "Éthnométhodologie, les travaux de Goodwin et Gibson", par Franck Leibovici, artiste contemporain.
5 - "Cosmologies" : Le travail des ONG sur le terrain par Amita Baviskar, sociologue et anthropologue, Institute of Economic Growth, Delhi, Inde.
6 - "Cosmologies" : The Power of Nuclear Things, par Gabrielle Hecht, Docteur en Histoire et Sociologie des Sciences, Université du Michigan, USA.
7 - "Cosmologies" : Computer Models, climate data and the Politics of Global Warming par Paul Edwards, Docteur en Histoire de la Conscience, Université du Michigan, USA.
8 - "Analyse conversationnelle" par Lorenza Mondada, Docteur en linguistique, Université de Bale, Suisse.
9 - "Whitehead et le concept de Bifurcation de la Nature", Didier Debaise, philosophe, Université Libre de Bruxelles.
10 - "Les Dispositifs d'écriture des poètes et de artistes", par Franck Leibovici artiste contemporain.
11 - "Socio-Sémiotique" par Bruno Latour.
11 - "Restitution d'une méthode de reportage" par Stefano Savona, cinéaste.
12 - "La statistique en sciences humaines", Medialab de Sciences Po par Paul Girard, ingénieur généraliste des technologies numériques.
13 - "Géographie de l'information avec le logiciel Gephi", Medialab de Sciences Po par Mathieu Jacomy, ingénieur, cartographe du web.
14 - "Le concept de Bifurcation de la Nature" par Simon Schaffer, historien et philosophe des sciences, Cambridge, Royaume-Uni.
15 - "Enquête sur les Modes d'Existences" par Bruno Latour.
16 - "Essai de classification des positions autours des rapports entre humanité et cosmos", par Eduardo Viveiros de Castro, anthropologue, CNRS, Cambridge.
17 - "Exercice de présentation d'un animal" par Vinciane Despret, philosophe des sciences et ethnologue, université de Liège.
18 - "Les animaux au travail" par Jocelyne Porcher, chercheur a l'INRA.
19 - "La ballade des yeux" par Myriam Leftkowitz, historienne et danseuse contemporaine studio Trisha Brown, studio Cunningham.
20 - "Récit autobiographique" par Patrick Bouchain, architecte, scénographe, politique.
21 - Discussion sur le film "Les Eclats" par Sylvain Georges, Cinéaste.
22 - Sur "l'Histoire de l'Art" par Antoine Hennion, Sociologue, professeur des Mines Paris- Tech et Centre de l'Innovation Sociologique.
23 - Sur "l'ambiguïté visuelle dans le travail de Gauguin" par Dario Gamboni, historien de l'art, Université de Genève, Suisse.
24 - "Introduction a l'Éthno-psychiatrie" par Tobi Nathan, professeur émérite de psychologie clinique et pathologique, éthno-psychiatre, diplomate, Centre Georges Deveureux, Paris.
25 - "La maltraitante théorique". Francoise Sironi, ethno-psychologue et psychothérapeute à La Cours Pénale Internationale.
26 - Sur le film "J'ai mangé tous mes enfants" par Emmanuelle Ohniguian, éthnopsychiatre et psychothérapeute.
27 - Sur "les formes démocratiques de la participation". Joëlle Zask, philosophe du pragmatisme, traductrice de Dewey, Université de Provence.
28 - "Théorie et exercice Rituel". Michael Houseman, Centre d'Étude des Mondes Africains, CNRS, École Pratique des Hautes Études, Paris.
29 - Collective publication with REVUE MOUVEMENT and the Bells Angels (2D designers).
30 - "Sur la Maitrise d'oeuvre" par Patrick Bouchain, architecte, ancien conseiller de Jacques Lang au Ministère de la Culture.

Details on Fab Academy Course - By Neil Gershenfeld (CBA/MIT) and Anna Kaziunas-France (january 2012 to june 2012) :


Details on Bio Academy Course - By George Church (Wyss Institute/Harvard) and David Kong (august 2015 to january 2016):

week_1_bio_academy_Principles and Practices - 26 August
week_2_bio_academy_DNA Nanostructures - 2 September
week_3_bio_academy_Synthetic Minimal Cells - 9 September
week_4_bio_academy_Next generation synthesis - 16 September
week_5_bio_academy_Bio production - 23 September
week_6_bio_academy_Darwin on steroids: Bio design, diversity and selection - 30 September
week_7_bio_academy_Genome Engineering - 7 October
week_8_bio_academy_Fluorescence In Situ Sequencing (FISSEQ) - 14 october
week_9_bio_academy_Synthetic development biology - 21 october
week_10_bio_academy_Biofabrication and additive manufacturing - 28 october
week_11_bio_academy_Gene Drives and Synthetic Ecosystems - 4 november
week_12_bio_academy_Engineering the Human Gut Microbiome - 11 November
week_13_bio_academy_Computational protein design, biosensors and the folding game
week_14_bio_academy_Tool Chains, Automation, and Open Hardware - 2 December
week_15_bio_academy_Invention, intellectual property - 9 December
week_16_bio_academy_Final presentations - 13 January