Second Iteration of My Final Project

PLEASE NOTE: Final Project Experiments involve weeks for:

  • Input = Motion Sensor
  • Output = LED Array
  • Embedded Networking and Communications = programmed serial bus
  • I also edited Neil's C and Make files from those weeks to develop a proof of concept for my device, which combines goals for those weeks as well.
  • The following is a simplified experiment of how I plan to program (using the LED array code) the LED strips as part of my final project device.

    The idea is to have the LEDs flash and/or change color in response to motion sensing detection.

    Additional components will be added for the final project's spiral development process.

    NOTES: Using {Else/If} Statements When Coding in C:

    Output Devices Documentation:

    • Tested code taken from Neil’s LED array:
    • Serves as a proof of concept in code and via circuitry by use of an external power supply.
    • I edited: the C code for the output device (using the LED Array Code)
    • Hello.array.44.2.c
    • Before programming, my computer warned of me of a possible power overload for the board.
    • I connected the FTDI cable to a different laptop only to have the bus node’s MCCu start smoking.
    • There was a short circuit (just like the movie!) in the connecting ribbon
    • cables that fried the MCCU.
    • I redesigned my board layout and milled/stuffed a new one and it worked fine after.
    • My output board traces:
      LED Array C code:
      LED Array Make code:
      The 4pin header has to be oriented in the same direction on each board to function properly.