First Iteration of My Final Project

PLEASE NOTE: Final Project Experiments involve weeks for:

  • Input = Motion Sensor
  • Output = LED Array
  • Embedded Networking and Communications = programmed serial bus
  • I also edited Neil's C and Make files from those weeks to develop a proof of concept for my device, which combines goals for those weeks as well.
  • I visited Input Devices week for Neil’s motion sensor code.
  • Downloaded the C and Make files to begin editing the code for programming.
  • Transferred Hello.HC-SR501.C and .Make to the Ubuntu desktop.
  • Opened the terminal.
  • Navigated to the desktop.
  • Checked Devices in the toolbar to make sure both the USB and FTDI cables were recognized by the OS.
  • Followed the tutorial for programming the boards successfully!
  • Saved the program code in g-edit on the desktop.
  • Edited the C code to get the bridge board working.
  • Had to figured out how the motion sensor sends out data to program it to be a node in the bus system.
  • Reviewed the motion sensor data sheet and pinout for the micro controller.
  • My input board, Motion Sensor traces:
    My Motion Sensor and bridge bus (with LED) board:

    C code for the Motion Sensor

    Make file for the Motion Sensor

    Make file for the Bridge Board