Invention, Intellectual Property & Income

The Dissemination Plan

Choosing a Side

After reading the Hello chapter in the book, MAKE: Getting Started with Processing by Reas & Fry, I was interested in the copyleft statement -that Processing was a FLOSS Project (free, libre, open source software). I visited their site and scrolled to the bottom of the page. Where the copyright info should have been, and found this:

...and clicked on [Info]. From there I was directed to this site. Then, I clicked on 'Creative Commons' and was directed here. From there, I was able to choose and create my license using the tool on this site. I chose this route in the IP process, for now (and for the educational community only), because I still have to prototype my device and I want Fab Academy students and specified educators to have access to my process, resources and research, as I'm forever a student and educator.

I reviewed the following open source/free philosophies here:

  • My lawyer specializes in IP Law and is an active professor, so I'm quite familiar with the headaches of patenting, copyrighting and sharks, I mean lawyers. So I've decided on this for the time being:

    Creative Commons License (Open source DOES NOT equal free):

    Creative Commons License
    The Concrete Oasis Project by F. Victoria "Vic" Bell is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.
    Based on a work at file:///Users/bigwill222/Desktop/+/fablabdetroit/students/91/Apps.Imps.html.

    Licensing Terms are as follows for the educational community ONLY:
  • My circuit board layouts, hardware, and electronic encapsulation designs
  • relating to DMPLES3 (Diode, Motion, Power, Light, Emitting, Sensor, Solar, Strips or S to the 3rd power)
  • is open source (see the Creative Commons License below) for:
  • the Fab Academy community;
  • current, Michigan State Certified, K-12, highly qualified, art and science teachers, specifically for educational classroom
  • and project-based learning activities and middle and high school Detroit Public School (DPS) students, ONLY.
  • DPS students do not have to be Detroit residents.
  • Permission for use of the aforementioned is granted as such.
  • Attribution of the source code is required for all (including single-line code splicing) reproductions.
  • Intellectual property and design copyright rights are reserved:
  • I, F. Victoria Bell reserve the intellectual property rights for the details presented in it's development and
  • shared within Fab Academy web archive:
  • All circuit board layouts, milling traces, sketches, graphics and drawings.
  • Provisional patent pending:
  • Sale or redistribution of the source code and all designs are prohibited.
  • Dated: Tuesday, June 7th, 2016.
  • Intention:
  • For my device to be truly useful and effective, it would need at least 3 additional iterations, to be refined and manufactured to a more compact scale of greater aesthetic quality. Therefore, future development would incorporate these improvements and more. For cost-efficiency, I would look to produce the device(s) in large volumes to reduce unit costs in Detroit proper.
  • As a former high school educator, young ladies would express their fears about traveling in the dark to get to school during the winter months. Add the overall crime rate of the city to its overall lack of public lighting, a public health hazard regarding safety and security arises. I've been brewing over a solution that the city could implement to solve this problem since 2014...
  • Product Development Funding Resources:
  • Crowdfunding (specific to Michigan and nationally)
  • Hatch Detroit's Neighborhood Initiatives
  • Catapult Challenge
  • Independent fundraising: t-shirt sales, parties sponsored in part by local restaurants and bars
  • Distribution:
  • Not-for-profit
  • By applying to neighborhood initiative grants, I expect to gain media attention and the opportunity to survey residents on the the likes/dislikes, advantages/disadvantages of the device.
  • Most of our residents live in blighted, low to no-lighting areas. I want to provide them with low-to-no-cost lighting that is sustainable and effective in providing beauty and security.
  • I also want this website to serve as a guide for anyone looking to improve the physical environment that they live in - that anyone can become a leader by using their head, heart and hands.
  • Applied for:
  • The Catapult Grant
  • Programming wil begin Monday, August 1st, 2016 if funded.
    Applying for:
  • Blight Bootcamp Pitch party
  • Detroit's Economic Growth Corporation
  • Midtown Detroit Inc.
  • Should persons or organizations of means wish to commercialize the product, I'd be open to discuss the matter.
  • My goal is to have all Michigan's small public spaces covered in DMPLES3 by 2020.
  • Hatch Detroit's Neighborhood Initiatives
    Possible Partners:
  • The Green Garage
  • National Organization of Minority Architects and Develop Architecture's Youth Program
  • The City of Detroit's Planning Department
  • The Michigan Agency for Energy
    City-wide Initiatives:
  • Motor City Makeover
  • The Neighborhood Exchange