Embedded Programming

Learning How to Program

At Fab Lab Detroit, we use MACs running a virtual machine (or Parallel Desktop) that utilizes Ubuntu for our programming needs.

Be sure to have the latest updates for your OS systems before programming.

  • 1. First: get the Libraries and C-complier from here.
  • **update to the latest OS version to get what you need in case of error msgs**
  • 2. Get the make files for programming.
  • 3. Here's the tutorial to follow for testing the board.
  • 4. Here's the Echo Board tutorial for coding in C.
  • 2. Need to install the data files? Here you go.
  • Before I had the above success, I milled out and stuffed (added components) 4 different boards that didn't work (see the bad solder board from the Electronic Design week). Until I started designing my own boards, I had no success at all: opening Eagle (free circuit board design software), starting with the schematic (see my notes from the Principles, Practices and Project Management or P3M week on electronics), then drawing the board layout, to finally milling out and stuffing components onto the PCB.