Computer Controlled Cuttting

Hand drew vinyl cut & press fit images first (mech. pencil & paper) - always fun! back and forth between Cut Studio and CorelDraw.... Used Wacom tablet and stylus to draw in silhouette of company acronym in CorelDraw - edited with Cut Studio *could have drawn straight into the bitmap of CorelDraw to skip a few steps I'm hopeful but not sure about my press-fit vision - "Many Hands" hand-shaped pieces that can connect... I wanted to simply draw in my hand drawing and edit it within the software... the tablet didn't fully orient into the virtual page and/or I couldn't figure out how to limit the size of my drawing to keep from overdrawing other images... Editing in CutStudio is a breeze... I hate CorelDraw, but I have to throw the images back in there to use the laser-cutter, direct from the machine.

Zuberi also told me today that my pieces should have been rendered more precisely... I asked him more directly 'what was the purpose of the assignment if it doesn't correspond with our final projects?' He proceeded to draw (paper & mech. pencil) out his redesign of my press-fit pieces while explaining to me the design and thought process involved in machining. after looking at his draft, i drew over his, creating corners over his curves and labeling parts in numerics and alphabetic code. "it's a way of thinking about design, using low-power electronic components, in relation to the final project..." -Zuberi

The benefits of using this process are: more precise object fitting less waste of material creates customized joinery eliminates adhesives

When using the laser-cutter, tinker only with the speed when you send a job.

Cutting at improper speeds for various materials can start fires!

So for CorelDraw and using the Epilog laser cutter (75watt), I used this tutorial to figure out how to do anything in CorelDraw:


CorelDraw Tutorial

The first 2 drawings are my original sketches, while the last one is my more detailed drawing over Zuberi's example:

I used CorelDraw to duplicate more precise hands, based on my original, organic drawings, using precise measurements for the width thickness of the slots between the "fingers" and "thumbs":
These images show the test and project laser-cutter settings for both the first and second iterations of the project:
Many Hands: first iteration:
Many Hands Project Process:

Here's a video of me adjoining the precise, smaller hands, to the imprecise, larger hands:

Making the Hands More Precise:

Creating a Vinyl Sticker

This tutorial perfectly shows you how to weed out your vinyl image and how to use the transfer tape/film to adhere and mount your image to a selected surface.

  • Move slowly, don't rush the process or you could rip and/or wrinkle the image.
  • Using tweezers is fine but lift your image gently in the direction of a free corner and not against a hard edge.
    • I first created the logo in CorelDraw by using a stylus and a Wacom electronic drawing board to trace it into the program.
    • Then, I exported the file into CutStudio to print to the vinyl cutter directly.
    • Use this video as a guide for weeding out your stickers:
    • CorelDraw Tutorial: Start the Video at 0:46