Week-1 principles and practices, project management

It's the first week and We are starting with git for project management.

I found it difficult as i am not good with this kind of platforms but after exploring it i found it very interesting.

I got so many projects that people have shared with everyone and found them helpful with many kind of stuff that i was doing.


We tried a lot in setting it up.


We had IP address conflict with firewall of the institution and after solving it, we still were not able to solve it, we arranged an expert lecture for all of to learn GIT and then we set it up finally.



Making our own website

We had to make a website in HTML, I am from Mechanical field and i am not so good with coding and everything. I started looking for tools available for the same and found out "Adobe Muse"; an creative and easy to learn software with good graphics for anyone.


If you are good with other tools of Adobe like photoshop, illustrator, dreamweaver or in-design then it will help you a lot; basic functions are same in all adobe softwares.



Let's start with Adobe Muse

Step 1. Start screen


Go to File-- click on New

It asks you to open an existing file or you want make new website.

It also shows you help tutorials on the main start screen.

Step-2 choosing size and other things for your website


For making a new website click on Site in welcome window.

a new window will appear that will ask you all the dimensions and other margins that one website needs.

you can add more scales and boxes for references.

Step-3 Starting with main screen for new file.


It shows two segments, one for website and one shows master.

Pages shown in the website segments are the pages that are going to be in your website.

And master pages are the pages which can be implemented in any of the normal page of the website.



Step -4 Making a basic layout of the website


Basic Layouts are made in master pages and then applied on normal webpages.

you will see the same layout in all the normal pages if you want.

Step-5 applying master page to a normal page


You can just drag and drop the master page on any of the webpage by just dragging and dropping.

And it will be applied to all the website pages.

Step-6 Adding more pages to your page


After making a Basic layout you can add more pages in the window shown in the next image.

there are sign of "+" on both the sides and bottom of the each page.

You can add more pages before that page, after that page or you can add a sub-page by clicking "+" sign.



Only one video with which you can start making your website in Adobe Muse.


Starting with Git and uploading the website


After Our instructor add our FABLAB CEPT on the database and  then one of us(Rudrapal) was made master page admin.


Then he sent us a link and added us into the database under him.

He was the admin in our lab hence he could all all other members.


After that I downloaded git Bash from


Then we went to




Now after rudrapal added me to the fablab cept i could see FABLAB cept as a project on my dashboard as following

Now opening the project and it will show something like the image below.


There is a link in the middle which we have to use to clone all the files, library/repository of our fablab into the computer.


After that open git bash in your computer


and follow commands in a sequence as following


Git global setup


git config --global user.name "tapanbetai"


git config --global user.email "tapanbetai26@gmail.com"


Create a new repository


git clone http://git.fabacademy.org/fabacademy2016/fablabcept.git


cd fablabcept

GIt window

Now open the folder named fablabcept in my root files and

went to fablabcept -> students -> 466   (466 is my student id)


Now i copy my all HTML website files here in this folder.


And came back to git and write command as following


git status


git add -A


git commit -m "first commit"


Git push origin master

After doing all this steps you will be seeing a small window asking for your git id and password.


you can set a password from your dashboard of git as following picture.

After giving username and password in that window, git window will show you  the status of uploading your files.


Now check in fab-academy archive-> 2016-> students -> your fablab  in your browser


you will see your website uploaded