How to make (almost) anything


Fab Academy

Fab Academy is a Digital Fabrication program directed by Neil Gershenfeld of MIT’s Center For Bits and Atoms and based on MIT’s rapid prototyping course, MAS 863: How to Make (Almost) Anything. The Academy offers an advanced education on Digital Fabrication, electronics and programming, through a network of students and tutors from all round the world.The course is organized on the “Hands-on” methodology and the free access to all the machines provided in a Lab.

Fab Lab Barcelona

Fab Lab Barcelona is part of the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia, where it support different educational and research programs related with the multiple scales of the human habitat.The Lab is a centre of production, investigation and education, that uses the latest computer-assisted design software for the creation of prototypes and scale models for Architecture, Construction and Industrial Design.

FAB City

Fab City is a new urban model for locally productive and globally connected self sufficient cities. In a Fab City, citizens are empowered to be the masters of their own destiny, their resilience is increased and a more ecological system is developed because movement of materials and energy consumption is drastically reduced. The Fab City operates within the Fab Lab network, using it as a global infrastructure and knowledge source for the radical transformation on how we work, live and play in cities.



Principles and Practices


Computer Aided Design


Computer Controlled Cutting


Electronic Production


3D Scanning and Printing


Electronic Design


Computer Controlled Machining


Embedded Programming

09.- 10.

Mechanical Machine Design


Input Devices


Molding and Casting


Output Devices




Networking and Comunications


Interface and Application Programming


Applications and Implications


Invention,Intellectual Property


Final Project


Final Project presentation

About me

Donato Polignone

Jewelry Designer

Donato Polignone is a designer-maker with a particular focus on jewelry and fashion accessories.After graduating in modern languages and cultures from Lumsa University he continued his studies in Rome at IED Modalab and graduated with a Diploma in Jewellery design in 2008.In 2009, he attended the IGI's school of Gemmology and obtained a diploma as expert in the analysis and classification of diamond quality. In 2011, Donato started his career working at his family-owned jewelry store Polignone in Foggia and he began designing his first fine jewelry collection ,inspired by nature ,realised with precious gemstones and traditional artisanal techniques.From 2012 to 2015 he designed different product lines combining precious metals with alternative materials.In addition to traditional jewelry, Donato is fascinated by 3D printed jewelry and accessory marketplace and in 2016 he created his 3D printed jewellery collection combining precious metals with plastic materials.One years ago he had his first encounter with Fab Labs ( Fab Lab Bracciano - Fab Lab Latina) to gain an insight in the process of digital fabrication. Through his collaborations with innovators in 3D printing market and his devotion to the classical design, Donato continues to create his products for a niche market.