Hi! I am Jisun from South Korea.

I studied Materials Science and Engineering as my undergraduate major and started Master Program in Energy and Environment Policy last September. I have strived to develop myself as an all-round person ever since I dreamed of making a better world through the intersection of technology and society. I sought to become an expert in technology and policy who could craft better polices, especially for underdeveloped countries.

At the end of the recent projects however, I found out that I could not drive tangible and substantial solutions if I limited myself to the policy arena, since I wanted to execute the project as a real, practical concern, not only as a policy report. It is the reason that I am now here, Fab Lab Barcelona.

I believe that newly-developed and developing technologies and companies should be able to solve social problems; and thus, I would like to tackle a societal problem while participating in individual/collaborative projects with the Fab Academy program. At this moment, my interests lie in civic engagement. When I worked to identify the needs of several projects in the technology policy domain, I realized that a bottom-up approach, in which all citizens take the initiative, was necessary. By rousing citizens’ engagement, we could promote public awareness, prompt citizens to take action on risks, and ultimately mitigate their concerns in order to create a safer community.

Maybe it is still too theoritical and too verbose! But I will do my best to further enhance my ability to produce substantial results and realize my project to bring real and tangible outcomes with FabAcademy Program.

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