Week 02

This week was an introduction CAD programs, some open source, some not, but all great tools that can help us visualize our projects.

Terms like 2D, 3D, vectors, meshes, poly, scripting, simulation will be common language for us for the next weeks so it’s really important to experience with all the options available that we can so then, we can find the software and workflow that best suits our different projects.


  • An introduction to different CAD programs, their capabilities and diferences.

  • Experiment with different 2D-3D programs.

  • Do an exercise using different programs to practice.

  • Weekly Progress >

    I used half week to tryout different CAD programs, most of then open source. I like open source, I think is the future of most software, obviously there’s still a lot of room for improvement, but I have to say that I had a positive experience using them.

    Programs I tried: Gimp, Inkscape, OpenScad, Blender.

    Programs I want to try: Creo, ZBrush, Grasshopper, Solid Works, Unity.

    During the next weeks I’ll try them!

    We also had a lecture by Primavera de Filippi. She talked about blockchain technologies and the impact they’ll have in the future.

    How can we design tools for a distributed world? The blockchain promises to change almost anything, from organisations to the Internet.

    Assingment >

    First I did some fast sketching of what I wanted to try for this exercise using one of my favorites tools, pencils and paper.

    Then I used Illustrator to draw the object shape using the pen tool to create paths (Bezier curves), that I adjusted using the handles that each point of the path creates.

    I imported the 2D object lines that I created in Illustrator to Rhino, and then I extruded the 2d shapes to transform them to a 3D object. After having the objects I did some Boolean operations like union, difference and split.

    Download the Rhino File here.

    After having the model ready in Rhino, I exported it to .OBJ file to be able to merge it on C4D. After that, I did all the lighting setup and the material mapping using textures downloaded from Internet.

    Finally I used Vray to render the model. I used Global Illumination with a HDRI map for the lighting. Then having the render from C4D I opened it on Photoshop to develop a good quality image, fixing primarily contrast and overall illumination.

    * For my final project I’m still researching, hopefully next week I’ll have a clearer view for my final project.