For my final project I decided to make a Wire Bending Machine, inspired by a machine made by Pensa Labs.

Selecting a final idea for a project wasn't an easy task for me, for some of my other friends at the lab it was easy for other was harder than for me, but at the end we all found a project that make us happy.

When I was looking for inspiration, I remembered that once I had to make some wire structures by hand and at that moment I knew it, I want to do a Wire Bending Machine, so I started to search for people that had made machines like this before, and I found the DiWire, a beautiful machine, but so expensive that not everybody can afford one, at least I wouldn't spend that much on a machine.

Luckily for me, they documented their first prototype, so that was a good starting point for me, obviously I was going to need to redesign most of it, but it was a good initial point.

This is a video they have of how it works, let's see if I can get to this point, I'm a little bit nervous because it looks a little bit complex, let's see where I get.

Other Ideas

During the process of finding my final project I had more ideas, this are some of them:

  • Wearable sensor for amount Wi-Fi signal exposure, an awareness device.

  • 3D printing Machine with Wax

  • Interactive Furniture

  • Wireframe 3D printer

  • Modular toys for kids

  • An interface for emotions exchange

  • And some inspiring videos below for inspiration...