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MusInk_2D is a graffiti music controlled drawing machine.

This machine began with a 3D printer I made 1 year ago exactly. I'm using its frame (Changing it almost completely), removing its Z axis, changing its simple X, Y to a COREXY.
In order manage finishing my "Graffiti Music Controlled Drawing Machine", I knew I had to focus.
Striving to build one extra machine from scratch and still create all its electronics would be too much for me to embrace in the short time I had in hands. So decision was to focus on creating a shield and a board for to control the spray trigger.
The board I had already done. Mr Jalapino. For it I created a shield.
For my old 3D printer I had the Melzi board (RAMBo), but it used to work on a simple XY system.
I got the CORE XY working and that part was difficult. I had to study and understand how the configuration.h file worked. This is a file you will open when you open on your arduino IDE software when you open MARLIN.
You will need This version of Marlin for CoreXY
in configuration.h file, look for this:
// Uncomment this option to enable CoreXY kinematics
#define COREXY

Having a Melzi board and still at this stage having no clue how to use it, but knowing that if I could make it to use it, I would be able to focus on what matters the most.
This base made out of plywood is pretty stable. I made it 1 year ago and back there I didnt have Fab Academy to teach me the importance of documenting.

CoreXY is now born. So far, I'm in love with bearings. I always was, but it was a big reminder on how great a project becomes when you have the right tool, when you have the right material.
I have a time-lapse of all of this. It will take me some time to get it ready so I'll probably document it in here in a near future, probably after fab academy is finished.

The Melzi board I took from my printer, that came from a RepRapPro, presented to me by Dr. Kreymann in order to develop a 3D printer. Now it's helping another project, something bigger.
The material that is holding the airbrush is a Easy-Plast 60. These moldable plastics. I found them very useful. You can easily carv them, re-melt them, drill them...
At this point I was already back to Barcelona.

The servo works good to trigger the airbrush. There was some problems when I was using a cheap micro-servo. Once I swapped it to the mini-servo Turnigy, it's a bit stronger and much better quality.
I left the system working for hours and, all good.

In this Final project I learned how to control Marlin, manipulating its Configuration.h file.
I also played with coding and music, since it's the heart of the project, more than making another machine.
Using Arduino IDE I programmed to read the music's output and to make the LEDs and the Servo Motor that controls
the airbrush's trigger.

BOM for the Shield

  • 5 x SMD LEDs 5 x 499 Ohm SM Resistors 1 x ISP SMD 3x2 (Pins) 2 x ISP SMD 2x1 (pins)
    -Download my files::
    -AudioInput MusInk >Arduino IDE< This file is the Code that is controlling the AirBrush based on Music

    -Marlin RC - Marlin is firmware for RepRap single-processor electronics, supporting RAMPS, RAMBo, Ultimaker, BQ, and several other Arduino-based 3D printers. This version is already with all changes I did, for CoreXY.

    -NEMA 17 Holder Rhino File for 3mm material