Sebastiaan FabAcademy

Week 1

website version2.0

Welcome to my FabAcademy 2016 website. This is the first time I am creating a website. During the academy I try to improve this website. If there are improvements made, you can see it on the website version. This FabAcademy is a big challenge for. First the distance between my home and Amsterdam which will cost me time. Then I have a daily job at the FabLabEnschede. To be able to make time during the weekends I had to stop the rebuilding activities at my personal workshop. In some weekly assignments I have already experience and on some totally none. I am looking to most towards the assigments of Computer-Controlled Machining, Molding and Casting and Composites. I know the technologie of it, but have not so much practical experience with it. The most challenging assigments will be the Embedded Programming. But this is also what I like to learn.

I will follow the FabAcademy in the FabLab The Waag in Amsterdam in the Waag building. One of the oldest buildings of Amsterdam dating from 1425. There is a nice website about the history of the The Waag building. It is great to be there and add a little bit of historie to the building by following the FabAcademy in this special building.

Special Note

In my website I have made several links to the website of the FabLabEnschede for aditional information. But the ICT department has planned to upload the totally new website in the next weeks. It maybe possible that some links are not connected to the new website. I have tried to get the new links to the new website pages, but until now it was not possible to get them and implement them in my website. In the end of July I should be able to change my website links to the new links.

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