My name is Sam Guzauskas and I was born and raised in Anchorage, AK. I am currently attending the University of Alaska Anchorage working on my Bachelor's of Science in Mechanical Engineering and plan to graduate this spring, May 2016. I have an addiction to the outdoors and enjoy getting outside as much as I can. Some of my favorite things to do out in the Alaskan wilderness are hiking, camping, kayaking, fly fishing, and backcountry skiing.

I found out about the Fab Lab Academy through a program on campus called the Alaska Native Science and Engineering Program, or ANSEP. Through my experience in different internships and schooling I have been exposed to some CNC and 3D printing technology, but have never truly worked with it. Having this experience will hopefully broaden my understanding of these different technologies and getting myself immersed in new softwares and technology. I can't wait to see where I'll be at the end of the program!

Weekly Modules

Week 1: Project Management Week 2: Computer-Aided Design Week 3: Computer-Controlled Cutting Week 4: Electronics Production Week 5: 3D Scanning and Printing
Week 6: Electronics Design (Week 1) Week 7: Computer-Controlled Machining Week 8: Embedded Programming (Week 2) Week 9: Mechanical and Machine Design Week 10: Input Devices
Week 11: 3D Moulding and Casting Week 12: Output Devices Week 13: Composites Week 14: Embedded Networking & Communications Week 15: Interface & Application Programming
  Week 16: Applications and Implications Week 17: Intellectual Property Week 18: Project Development