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Using the Epilog Laser Cutter

I. Introduction

This guide will introduce you to the Epilog Mini 24 Laser Cutter, the machine that we have at the AS220 Labs, and is a 35 Watt CO2 Laser system. The laser cutter can etch and cut into a number of different materials.

Organic materiasl work best but there are a number of plastics and polymers that cut fine on the machine. The following guide will discuss basic setup for running a job on the machine. For you to get the most out of the guide, it’s best that you are familiar with a few basic concepts on the machine.

Control Panel - user interface to program settings and adjust machine settings for specific jobs.

I-Beam (Y) and X Carriage -
mechanical system that directs the laser beam down onto the material for cutting and/or etching.


II. Starting the Machine

III. Setting Home

IV. Manual Focus

First, take the manual focus tool (metal triangle) and position it on the cutting head so that it’s pointing down towards the material.

Next, put the machine into focus mode by pressing the “Focus” button on the control panel. This will display “Focus Mode” on the display screen and now the up and down arrow controls will control the height of the bed, adjust them so that the tip of the manual focus tool is touching the material that you are focusing on. It should look similar to the photo above.

Once you have focused the machine, press “Reset” on the control panel you will go back to the default screen on the control panel. You are now ready to send a job from the computer to the laser cutter.


Laser Cutter Maintenance

Cleaning the X-Axis Linear Encoder

Checking Table Level on the Mini and Helix Lasers

Auto Focus Plunger Replacement on the Mini/Helix

X-Axis Rail Assembly Replacement on the Epilog Mini

Z-Axis Belt Replacement in the Epilog Mini

Y-Axis Belt Replacement on the Epilog Mini/Helix/FiberMark

Aligning the Laser Beam of the Mini and Helix

X-Axis Belt Replacement on the Mini

Cleaning Your Optics