Richard Fletcher

Visual Arts Chair, Charlotte Latin School

About Me

I have been teaching Art (K-12) for 26 years at Charlotte Latin School. As the technical knowledge of my students advances and the engineering department at my school grows, I feel the need to enhance my skills in order to build bridges between the two departments. About everything taught in this academy will be new to me and I have my work cut out for me.

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My lab

My lab is in the Science Art and Technology Building at Charlotte Latin School. It is in its infancy and we are thrilled with the addition. It also has the great advantage of being next do to the art studios where I spend my days.

Final Project

It is a bit early for this, but I envision creating some dynamic sculptures that I can work on with my middle school art students. We have been making various imaginative creature sculptures that I think would transition well to this class. I plan on keeping my options open for now and adapt my plan to what I am learning and what I really find interesting.