Fab Academy 2016

Final Project


One day in Providence, I could have a chance to get into the exclusive space for smokers. It was little bit strange to me because there is no such a special space in my country, South Korea. When I entered there, I couldnĄŻt be accustomed
with exotic cigar smell and smoke, but to gentlemen, who enjoyed their bold cigar in that place, looked gorgeous.
The day after that day, Some thought about cigar things hit me. ItĄŻs about making best condition of cigar to enjoy.
I started to find related information about that and I could grab some stuffs. So I made my mind to make some special
cigar box for the final project.

Basic Information

Actually, The temperature and humidity of the cigar box are all important to keep the cigar best.
But when it comes to choose only one of them, it is definitely humidity.
There are two ways to measure the humidity. Relative humidity and Absolute humidity. If I could calculate the relative humidity, that would be the best way. But IĄŻm still studying the programming. So I decided to check the absolute
humidity in this project. According to the various sources about it, the best humidity is 75%

Project Design

My first goal is to make use the skills that I leaned through Fab academy as much as I can. So, I set up several plans.
first, I drew the whole sketch with inkscape and coreldraw and make a cigar box with laser cutter.
Second, I made a reservoir by using 3D printer to contain the water to keep the humidity of the box.
Third, I made my own circuit board by using Eagle and Gimp and cut with the table CNC. Fourth, I made my own
humidity control program by using Fab ISP and Arduino.

During the class, I exercised those skills with my colleagues.

Box making

The box is consisted with two parts. Upper cover and bottom body. I designed this box by using Inkscape.
The size of box is 240*60*115mm(body), 240*60*30mm(cover). I used 5mm thick plywood
(I think this thickness is margin to cut with table laser cutter) I built three different wall inside to separate each room.

Reservoir making

Board making

Basically, I used hello ftdi board. But to get enough power to make piezo vibrate, I tried to add an NMOSFET.
I designed with Eagle like this.


Assembling and Output

It works partly.

During the fab academy coursework, from January to July, I had great chance to learn many digital fabrication skills
and to practice that. My first purpose of joining the fab academy is to understand the real world of Ą°MakersĄ±.
So, I tried to have a conversation with them and communicate with them. Fab academy was worth enough to achieve
my original goal. Because, I had a wonderful instructor and awesome machines at AS220, nice colleagues as well.
Now I am confident enough to make better policy to help makers in my country, South Korea. And I will do my best to
proliferate fab academy course in my country. To makers, networking among global community is as much as
important getting new technology. There is nothing better way to get these all. I really appreciate to Prof.
Neil and other professionals who led this awesome curriculum. Thanks.