Week.13 Output

  • Assignment add an output device to a microcontroller board you've designed and program it to do something.

    Charlieplexing...and how to learn by mistake

    The idea consist to produce a Charlieplexing with two layer, bottom and top and ad a button.

    I decie to start form a project hello.array.44.2 and add a button like other project here exposed and made by Theodora Vardouli here exposed (in a Charlieplexing single layer) output devices: Charlie Button

    This is my schematic .From project showed on top I decide to add a button and this is my scheme:

    This is my board. The blu lines are the second layer that will connect the catodo of all LED to the resistor.

    Here the result...and my first mistake: I have welded the LED before put the vinily layer.
    The welding to the cathode is not isolated from the lower layer.

    Here he tried to correct the mistake by cutting the vinyl slightly larger in order to find out only the solder
    in the hope of creating a contact only between the re copper wire of the second layer and the cathode.

    ...but the Epic Fail com now... I have attached vinily layer one column right and the copper line touch "perfectly"
    the entire board in the layer under... I feel an idiot...but I know we also learn by mistake.

    Source Eagle Files
    Vinyl Layer
    Source C and Makefile

    Other Board

    I also did some other board and i decide to document it even if unfortunatly that board doesn't work.

    Display LCD

    Seems the servo motor board has some problem and the lcd board get me crazy until I decided to go to buy a commercial I2C LCD1602-Module for 1,22€ at Onda Radio BCN

    Source png
    Source C and Makefile

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